Flowers have a power all their own. Traditionally, a bouquet is
one of the centerpieces of a wedding day. Read on for how we
create some extra magic in a Lemon Dahlia bouquet.

When designing a bouquet, we think color, style & composition —
we create them in front of a mirror, because, like the bride,
the bouquet must be beautiful from every single angle.

bridal bouquet roses.jpg
bridal bouquet close up.jpg

When presenting a bride with her bouquet, we let her know that we have included special flowers that she shares, uniquely, with different members of her wedding party. We like the sense of connectedness that she feels with her parents & the groom — a special rose that is only included in her bouquet & her mother's nosegay; a lavender blossom in her bouquet & her father's and a touch of stephanotis that just she and her groom share. We wish the couple well as we hand over this ultimate symbol of wedding joy.

bridal bouquet with pale peach peonies.jpg